Discovery Child Care Center offers academic care for children between the ages of 2.5 months through Kindergarten. Our large, bright, inviting classrooms foster a positive learning environment led by licensed teachers and their assistants. Please read below about classroom activities and developmental stages.  If you would like to schedule a tour please email us at or call our office at 908-272-3500.

Infant Classroom: 2.5 Months - 17 Months

Mirrors, shapes, music and soft color play toys will keep your child bright eyed and interested in the world around them. The early infant program at Discovery is determined on your child's growth and development and of course their individual nap time and feeding schedule. Our classroom is bright, clean and cheery with lots of fun things to do...Parents are always informed with daily notes through our Tadpoles Communication System to monitor their child's growth and development. Our certified staff will help your child gain language and communication skills to develop into young toddlers.  This classroom is led by a  licensed CDA Teacher and First Aid/CPR Teacher's Assistant. Low ratios 4:1.

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Toddler Classroom: 18 Months - 28 Months 

Children are filled with curiosity at this age...Our classroom invites your child to grow and learn and more importantly EXPLORE! Our goal is to spark your child's interest thru Language development, Sensory Stimulation, Art, Music & Movement, Outdoor time and Gym Time. Our classroom is limited to twelve students with two certified staff members and one teacher's assistant. Your child's day is filled with learning through play with emphasis on language development.  Daily notes are sent home through our Tadpoles Communication System to keep you in the loop. Low ratios 6:1.  

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PreK-2 Classroom 

Exploration, leaning to share, a daily review of shapes, colors, and numbers are just a few things your child will be introduced to at Discovery. We believe that these "little people" are like sponges and introducing shapes, colors, and the alphabet is just the beginning. Learning through play, waiting for your turn, and listening to the teacher are all important parts of creating a fun day. Music and movement, arts and crafts, gymnastics, and dance round out our curriculum.  

The two year old classroom at Discovery offers a low student to teacher ratio, as an extra pair of hands are always important at this age, especially when potty training. Our staff is licensed by the state of New Jersey as well as American Red Cross and CPR certified. A big, bright, cheery environment adds to the curiosity of our growing twos.   Daily notes are sent home through our Tadpoles Communication System to keep you in the loop.                                                               

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PreK-3 Classrooms  

At three years old, your child will be exploring letters and sounds, learning how to share and play with other children, and creating works of art. Our curriculum includes "Letter of the Week," show and tell, and, most importantly, discovering books. Fine motor skill development includes the use of pre-school scissors, tracing, writing their name, and coloring. We also encourage our children to be independent and to use their words effectively. Our three year old classroom has a well balanced curriculum to include fine motor, gross motor, and oral communication skills. Our classroom is bright and inviting and has no more than ten students with one Licensed head teacher (PreK through 3rd grade) and one aid, making learning fun. Communication with parents is always important and followed up with a monthly calendar curriculum as well as daily progress notes (as needed).  We also have a private Instragram Account, so parents can see some of the fun stuff their child is doing in school!    

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PreK-4 Classroom  

Our PreK-4 class is taught by a certified teacher using fun as a guide to education. Circle time, story time, math readiness, language development, science and nature, social studies, arts and crafts, and music and movement are all important mind building activities to prepare your child for Kindergarten. Our curriculum includes important academic and social skills that your child will need as he/she enters school. Our staff uses dittos and reading readiness books to engage their curiosity. Homework is given once a week to make your child feel like a real school kid. Reading is always important, especially at the PreK-4 level. We encourage our students to explore books and recall elementary site words. Fun, Fun, Fun is always important. Our staff is trained to engaged your child to learn using fun activities to aid your child in learning important social, cognitive, and emotional skills as they grow. Lap Tops and Ipads are used on an educational white board to further develop your child's growing curiosity. 

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Kindergarten & Wrap-Around Kindergarten Classroom  

It's school time and your child is ready to be challenged academically. Our kindergarten students will be working on academic skills preparing them for first grade. Math, science and nature, social studies, language development, phonics, and reading are all included in our curriculum. Students will learn their hundred sight words and begin reading at their own pace in our reader books. Our low student ratio is the key to success in our full day program. Arts and crafts, music and movement, and physical education round out our curriculum giving your child a well balanced day. Our graduating students enter first grade with self confidence and the willingness to learn.

The wrap around kindergarten from the Cranford public schools enter our afternoon classroom via our licensed school bus ready to jump into penmanship, science and nature, and gym and dance. Wrap Around Kindergarten is offered five days per week, 11:00am to 6:00pm or 7:00am to 12:00pm with an option for additional pick-up after students are dismissed from the public school. Communication through daily (as needed) and weekly emails keep parents informed to their child's academic successes. 

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After School Care: Ages 6-12

Parents are always looking for quality after school care programs for their school age children.  Students are picked up by our licensed Discovery Child Care Bus and transported to our center.  Our curriculum includes snack (upon arrival), homework time with general tutoring, game time, gymnastics, and sport games.  Fun Friday is always a hit for the kids!  Our staff will supply special treats, movies, interactive games and other special activities.  Options include 3 or 5 day programs from public school dismissal until 6:00pm.

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